Collected data will be used by companies to develop new products or to adapt to the needs of consumers such as yourself.

A registration survey is the first survey you will receive upon joining the panel. Registration survey will ask about your profiling in order to help us send you surveys based on your profile and interests.

A poll is a question in which people are asked their opinions about a specific topic, usually in order to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future.

An online survey is a questionnaire that is programmed and served through the Internet. Usually it is sent by email to respondents to give their open and free opinion on the different topics and brands.

We give you the opportunity to influence consumer and social decision makers with your thoughts and opinions. By joining our panel you will earn points for each survey you take and later you can redeem your points with different types of rewards. Membership is free and we will never ask you to pay anything against your participation.

ArabViews is an online research community that is membership-based whereby members interact with the platform by participating in studies and polls continuously. The platform runs a loyalty program that rewards members (panelists) for completing surveys and other actions and the main objective of the rewarding system is to keep members engaged and The platform has a publication arm that aims at keeping users engaged and informed, and providing a birds-eye view over the state of the kingdom on pressing topics.

You are eligible to enter the monthly draw if you completed one survey or more during the month when the draw takes place.

If you are the lucky winner for the monthly draw, our team will contact you through your email or by calling you on your provided mobile number within 3 days of the draw. All winners will be announced at the end of each month on our social media pages.

If you earned enough points for one of our redeemed vouchers, you can redeem your points by logging to our portal, go to my rewards, pick your rewarding option or charity donation based on the number of points you have.

At any time, you can contact our support team by sending us your inquiry thru help section. Login to your account, go to help tab.

In ArabViews Wallet you can find all the points you earned from the different actions you participated in with ArabViews

You can only participate in the surveys for the country you registered in. If you are out of the registration country, the survey will not work for you.

We will be sending you notifications whenever there is a new survey that matches your interests, notifications also will be shared though our mobile application. At any time you can also login to your account and check our latest articles and news. Make sure you follow our social media pages for more information and activities.

You have the chance to invite your friend and family members to join your experience. You can refer friends by logging to your account, go to refer a friend tab and insert your friend email. Your friend will receive an email with all details, you will get rewarded upon your friend complete their registration.

No, you should not own more than one account under your name. Multiple accounts will be detected and removed from the panel.


ArabViews cares about your privacy. For this reason, we collect and use personal information only as needed to deliver our products, services, websites and mobile applications, and to communicate with you about the same. You can find our privacy policy here.

All the information we inquire (age, gender, profession, number of members in your household, etc.) collectively figure into lifestyle, which is a major factor in determining what products and services (and related surveys) may be of interest to you and your family. For example, we send surveys about products for children (and their parents) only to members who have children in their households.

You can deactivate your account by logging to your account, go to My accounts, click on Deactivate my account.

Once you request your account to be deactivated, your account will move to the dormant status, your details will be kept for 24 before deleting the information completely. During the 24 months, you can reactivate your account by logging in again.

If you have forgotten your registered password, you can retrieve your password by clicking on the "forgotten your password?" and follow the instructions.

Yes, you can change your email address by logging to your accounts, go to my account , change your email address and click save.

About Arabviews

We have a wide range of topics. Surveys may be about your (but not limited to) travel preferences, telecoms, financial products, advertisements and many other topics. Companies will use the results, for example, to develop new products or to adapt to the needs of consumers such as yourself.

As ArabViews member you are rewarded for sharing your opinions. You will get a certain number of points for completing surveys, completing polls and referring your friends. Once you reach the required threshold, you can redeem your points for vouchers.

Participation is always voluntary but we are always happy if you would like to accept an invitation and share your opinion with us! You don’t have to take part in every survey. It is up to you to decide for each survey whether you would like to take part or not.

The number of invitations depends of the number of available surveys we have and the profiling we are looking for the survey. Participation selected randomly. Always make sure your profile is complete, as this will increase the opportunity to send you more surveys.